Visions and philosophy

If you want to achieve a great deal as a team, you need a stable and sustainable foundation.

Since 1925, voran® has been following a vision that is as important as it is straightforward: Honesty, integrity and trust between people in our daily working lives.

This vision of a responsible interaction between customers, employees, managing partners, trade partners, suppliers and professional services is reflected in the following documents:


voran® - Mission Statement

"Whatever we do is based on open and honest communication."


voran® - Vision

Team spirit

We are team players. Each individual uses their talents and strengths to contribute towards achieving our shared objectives.


We expect respect and appreciation in working with customers, colleagues and partners. Open and honest communication creates trust and security.


Our passion and openness for development and innovation motivate us to achieve impressive results.


Solution-driven thinking, clear statements plus consistent and sustainable actions lead us to sharing success.


Our motto: Our feet are placed firmly on the ground so we can help you exceed expectations.


voran® - Guidelines for suppliers