No fruits without bees! Get to know more about our bee protection project!

Bee mortality is more acute than ever before. There are only a few flying insects that are still crossing our way. What many people don’t realize is that the bee mortality affects us all. Less bees have the consequence that also less types of fruits and vegetables are pollinated. That hasn’t only quantitative effects also the quality suffers: Inadequate pollination leads to crippled and unilateral fruits.


We must do something about it: For acting against bee mortality, voran® takes part in a bee protection project and has placed two beehives in Pichl bei Wels, Upper Austria. Of course, we will keep you up to date about the working process of the bees through our newsletter. Here you can sign up for our newsletter!


Bees must be saved!

  • Besides cattle and pigs, bees are the third-most important working animal – especially for our fruit growers. 80% of the apple harvest is due to pollination by bees.

  • 4000 Euros – quite a considerable amount, isn’t it? This is the economic amount which one beehives provides by its pollination performance. The harvest of one fruit grower can increase by up to 40% due to set up one or more beehives.

  • Hard-working: One beehive can produce between 20 and 50 kilos of honey depending on the region.

  • The bees have a swarming radius of about 3 kilometers. For producing 100 grams honey the bees must visit a million blossoms.

  • Attention sweet tooth: Jelly babies are coated with a layer of beeswax. One hive produces about 600 grams beeswax per year.


What causes the bee mortality at all? Especially, chemical intensive agriculture, different climatic factors and the food decrease due to monocultures are decisive for the shrinkage of bees.


But there is hope: Already small actions can help to save the bees! How to become a bee friend:

  • More plant diversity, more bees! Let some places in your garden proliferate and help the bees to find food easier.

  • Avoid consciously pesticides and chemical sprays!

  • Pay attention to the origin! With regional honey you also support regional beekeepers and their bees.