Systematic cutting solutions

Precision cutting of carcasses plays a major role in terms of quality, yield and profit. Installing your plant with high quality technical equipment has a decisive influence here. The level of automation, precision and configuration of the workflow make all the difference. We offer you the ideal solutions to meet your expectations, whatever your capacity requirements.

Coarse- and fine cutting of meat

Cutting performance doesn’t start with depositing the pork sides or cattle parts on the provided belt conveyor systems or working tables but already at the entry to the actual cutting section. There pre-cutting operations are made on cattle parts and pork sides. Afterwards the actual coarse cutting takes place.

Semi-automated lines for coarse cutting are suitable among other things for splitting square and belly and for cutting off back fat and rind. A fully automated coarse cutting of pork sides implies an exact cutting accuracy and therefore a minimal cutting loss.

Competent employees – optimum machine use

Despite the possibility of an automatic coarse cutting, a company needs competent employees who know their trade especially in the field of fine cutting. In the field of coarse cutting physically demanding tasks are facilitated by machine application. Creation of ergonomic working conditions is as motivating for qualified personnel as it is energy saving. Additionally, it increases the cutting performance of each worker.

Allow us to advise you about our potential in the following areas:

  • cattle cutting
  • lamb cutting and
  • pork cutting