Animal-fair slaughtering, modern slaughtering

The requirements of the market and our customers for modern slaughtering plants are wide-ranging. voran® is a competent partner during the whole process and beyond. Adherence to internationally recognised standards is essential.

This includes:

  • Animal protection appropriate to the species
  • Consistent separation of pure and impure aeas
  • Synchronous traceable operations
  • High standards in practice, personal and operating hgiene
  • Effective resource management and energy cycle mnagement
  • Compliance with the latest environmental and waste disposal standards
  • Meeting regional and cultural standards, such as Halal 

All plants planned by voran® feature state-of-the-art technology. You will be impressed with their precision, traceability of work sequences in connection with ergonomics, efficiency and hygiene.

voran® is a worldwide supplier of the most modern slaughtering plants for large livestock such as beef cattle and camels, sheep and goats as well as pork.

We plan:

  • Separate lines: beef cattle/sheep/pigs
  • Combination plants
  • Continuous/semi-continuous plants