State-of-the-art waste water treatment

Compliance with environmental and waste disposal standards as well as effective resource and energy cycle management are part of the voran® solutions for success.

Together with SCHNEIDER – one of our partner companies – we apply strategies to avoid outputting too much waste water and thoroughly cleaning any waste water that is emitted. We tune our wide-ranging industry expertise to find solutions that meet your individual needs.

Slaughtering and meat processing plants:

High wastewater load requires efficient solutions

Waste water from slaughtering and meat processing plants is highly contaminated with blood, ruminal and intestinal contents as well as with solid waste. It is marked with a high level of fat, protein and protein breakdown products, water vapour volatile acids, amines and further organic nitrogen compounds and frequently with increased salt content. But also carbohydrates and many other components of blood, tissue fluid, etc. are contained in dissolved or in non-dissolved form. Generally, slaughtering wastewater can contain various pathogens. Concentration and attack amount can be subject to considerable fluctuations.

Individual planning – high efficiency

All completely planned and quoted plants by voran® are individually adjusted, planned and designed to meet the needs of each customer. Thus, we ensure to obtain a high efficiency. At the same time, the energy consumption is always kept as low as possible.

We advise you on practical waste water solutions that are reliable and can be expanded in modules with low energy consumption and unbeatable operating costs.

Our offer includes:

  • Cattle truck water supply systems
  • Refrigerated truck water supply systems
  • Preliminary sedimentation plants (screen and filtration systems, sand seperator, flotation plant – physical/chemical)
  • biological Treatment plant
  • sludge treatment