Line solutions

Processing and insertion systems in the packaging area

The use of the latest technology optimizes production processes, increases production performance and manufacturing flexibility while at the same time reducing operating costs and changing labor. The product is protected from further contamination by the personnel and incorrect packaging is minimized.


Slicing, quality control and inserting of sausages:

Highest insertion performance despite the smallest available space in combination with product variety. The operator transfers the separated sausages into the centrifuges, no further additives are sprayed onto the product. Based on decades of experience in the field of centrifuges, we work most gently for your products. After the sausages have been transferred to the transport system, defective products are removed using camera technology. With this quality control, we avoid downtimes during the insertion process and reduce incorrect packaging. Using the touchscreen control on the loading system, recipes and loading patterns are managed, characteristics for products to be discharged are defined and settings are made on the centrifuges.


Slicing, halving and inserting of sausages:

Line for removing the sausages from the smoke sticks, separating the sausages, transferring them to the cutting machine and inserting them into the packaging machine.


The loaded smoke sticks are transferred to the conveyor belt. The clock conveyor feeds the smoke sticks to the string cut and also serves as a buffer section. The smoke sticks are automatically recognized by the robot arm of the String-Cut and isolated from the conveyor belt.

The robot arm positions the loaded smoke sticks in the separating device in order to separate the sausages from the chain and from the smoking stick. The separated sausages are handed over after the separation of the conveyor technology. Based on the recipe, short sausages, long sausages or halved sausages are inserted into the packaging machine based on the recipe.

Thanks to the patented feed system, the products are perfectly adapted to the customer-specific packaging layouts.


Clip removal, halving and sausage insertion

Line for automatic separation of the sausage closure clips from the sausages, transfer to the cutting machine and insertion into the packaging machine.

The operator manually transfers the sausages on the smoking stick to the line feed belt. The loops of the sausages are cut through and then transferred to the Clip-Ex.

The sausage closure clips are removed as a whole from the sausage by the known twist-off technology. The fast and precise mode of operation ensures processing of the products without loss of sausage meat and prevents aluminum residues from remaining on the product.

The products are then transferred to the SB-Cut machine in a controlled manner using subsequent conveyor technology. The halved sausage sticks are transferred to the feeder insertion system and inserted into the appropriate insertion pattern of the packaging machine.

The line inserts halved as well as whole sausages, here it is only necessary to adjust the settings in the SB-Cut control so that no products are halved, but the whole sausages are transferred to the serving insert system without cutting.