Automatic halving, portioning and dividing of large-caliber operating goods

Raw and scalded sausages, blocks of aspic and Leberkäse, smoked salmon, shaped cooked ham and smoked turkey breasts can be sliced just as optimally with pate or soft cheese. The product receives an optically appealing fine cut, which is not only important for the service counter for goods. Cutting is carried out exactly as specified. Halving as well as portioning or dividing is done with high precision and performance. Products with a caliber of up to a maximum of 200mm and a product length of 200 to 1,000mm can be processed. The cutting angle can be infinitely adjusted manually from 45-90 degrees.


Operating principle:

The products to be cut are placed manually or automatically on the feed belt and transported in the direction of the cutting unit. During transport, the product goes through a measuring system to record the product length. The prezi-cut cuts in the vertical direction. The products are additionally fixed against slipping during the cutting process by a hold-down device attached above.