Cutting sausages

The voran cutter for self-service goods divides raw, scalded and cooked sausages filled into different types of intestines. Product sizes from the caliber 35-75mm with a length of 190-400mm can be cut.

The cutting angle of the cutter can be continuously adjusted manually from 45-90 degrees.

A simple plug-in system enables the blade to be changed in just a few seconds. The very small blade surface achieves a 20 times lower KBE number (colony-forming units) on the cut surface compared to cutting with a circular knife.


Operating principle:

The cutting process of the SB-Cut is in vertical direction, whereby the conveyor line is divided at this point. The products are held in place by hold-down devices located above the transport route. Since the knife blade is only 1 mm thick and 7 (or 14 mm) wide, the force applied to the product and the surfaces in contact (product / cutting tool) is very low. This ensures a clean cut and little chance of contamination.