Cutting sausages

The voran cutter for self-service goods divides raw, scalded and cooked sausages filled into different types of intestines. In comparison to the SB-Cut, the cutting system in the SB-Weight & Cut is equipped with load cells and determines the center of gravity of the product to be halved.

Product sizes from the caliber 35-65mm with a length of 190-340mm can be cut. The cutting angle of the cutter can be continuously adjusted manually from 45-90 degrees. A simple plug-in system enables the blade to be changed in just a few seconds. The very small blade surface achieves a 20 times lower KBE number (colony-forming units) on the cut surface compared to cutting with a circular knife.


Operating principle:

The SB-Weight & Cut enables exact slicing of sausage products. The products to be cut are automatically placed on the weighing line by the separating hopper, where the center of gravity is then determined. The product is then transported to the knife via a feed line. With the SB-Weight & Cut, the cutting process is carried out in a vertical direction, with the conveyor section being divided at this point. The products are held in place by hold-down devices located above the transport route. Since the knife blade is only 1 mm thick and 7 (or 14 mm) wide, the force applied to the product and the surfaces in contact (product / cutting tool) is very low. This ensures a clean cut and little chance of contamination.


Special version:

The machine can also be equipped with a fixed cutting angle of 30 degrees. Other cutting angles can then no longer be carried out on this system.