Sausage products are stored hanging on smoking sticks during maturation.

Manual separation is staff and cost intensive. The rationalization and cost advantages of the plants following in the packaging process are reduced by the high staff costs in the separation or the capacity of the plant cannot be fully exploited.

The string cut from voran offers the necessary solution. The products are automatically separated using a string cut, regardless of whether products are hanging individually or in chains on the smoking stick.

The string cut is suitable for cutting a wide variety of sausage products up to a caliber of 65 mm, regardless of the product length and whether the product is hanging on the skewer individually or in chains. Various recipes can be selected using the integrated control using a touch screen.


Operating principle:

The loaded smoke sticks are transferred to the conveyor belt. The clock conveyor feeds the smoke sticks to the string cut and also serves as a buffer section. The smoke sticks are automatically recognized by the robot arm of the String-Cut and isolated from the conveyor belt.

The robot arm positions the loaded smoke sticks in the separating device in order to separate the sausages from the chain and from the smoking stick. The separated sausages are handed over to the conveyor belt after separation.