Packing press 50P1 with shift press cage

Packing press with moveable juice basin (sliding carriage) and hydraulic power unit. Easy and safe operation thanks to automatic pressure relief valve on hydraulic power unit.

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Packing press 50P1 with shift press cage
Packing press 50P1 with shift press cage
voran packing press 50P detail
voran packing press 50P detail


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Technical data
Scope of supply 7 press cloths 70 x 70 cm, 8 press inserts in acacia wood 41 x 41 cm
Height juice outlet 540 mm
Connection for juice outlet ø 30 mm
Juice yield up to 75 %
Press pressure 380 bar
Press force 14 to
Material packing frame and juice basin in 1.4301 / AISI 304
Weight 160 kg
Discharge height 1 080 mm
Height 1 430 mm
Width 1 070 mm
Length 990 mm
Electrical protection 16 A
Connected load 400V 50Hz (3 phases)
Motor rating 1,1 (1,5) kW (PS)
Nominal rating kg/h up to 150 kg/h

Processable materials
Pears, Apples, Blueberries, Carrots, Manioc, Quince, Beetroot, Vegetables.
This represents just an example, based on different materials and a selection of fruit processed in practice.

Options, accessories and spare parts
110090990 driving device f. packing presses Enquiry
120201400 switch (from model year 2016) 50P 100P Enquiry
120400400 reverse switch (up to model year 2015) 50P 100P Enquiry
110062000 hydraulic power unit (380 bar) 50P 100P Enquiry
11119001 packing frame 50P1 Show Enquiry
111190002 press cloth 70x70cm 50P1 Show Enquiry
111190000 press insert 41x41cm 50P1 Show Enquiry
111190005 press insert 41 x 41 cm stainless steel (50P1) Enquiry
020201800 V-belt 13 x 1800 mm 50P 70P 100P Enquiry
020200900 V-belt 13 x 900 mm 50P 70P 100P Enquiry
571000400 collar Ø 70 mm 50P1 Enquiry
110062005 pump element 50P 70P 100P Show Enquiry
11639901 juice collection basin for packing press Enquiry