Pasteurizer PA750-RWT-G

Gas pasteurizer and tube heat exchanger with automatic temperature control for preserving fruit and vegetable juice. In combination with our Bag in Box filling system MBF750, the unit automatically switches to standby if the supply vessel is full.

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Pasteurizer PA750 Gas with tube heat exchanger
Pasteurizer PA750 Gas with tube heat exchanger


Pasteurizers PA500-PA2000
Technical data
Gas consumption natural gas 7,5 m³/Std.
Gas consumption liquid gas 5,5 kg/Std.
Weight 359 / 459 kg
Height 1 830 mm
Width 900 mm
Length 1 400 mm
Electrical protection 16 A
Connected load 230V 50Hz (1 phase)
Electrical power 1,1 kW
Heating system rating 70 kW
Nominal rating l/h 750 l/h

Processable materials
Apples, Pears, Blueberries, Vegetables, Quince.
This represents just an example, based on different materials and a selection of fruit processed in practice.

Options, accessories and spare parts
430201657 flue bend 90° in three parts ø200 mm stainless steel PA500 PA750 PA1000 PA2000 Enquiry
430100557 exhaust pipe 1000mm ø200 mm stainless steel PA500 PA750 PA1000 PA2000 Enquiry
17210029 cleaning ball Ø 35 PA600 PA750 PA1000 Enquiry
172500013 PA-puree conversion Enquiry
172500014 PA-puree retrofit kit Enquiry
172100240 canister tank connection with filter PA Enquiry
17259500 temperature logger PA Enquiry
10026228 PA-switch-off for 530 l tank Enquiry
10024286 PA-switch-off for 220 l tank Enquiry
440100601 food-safe hose Uni-Milch 25x7mm PA Enquiry
440100613 food-safe hose Uni-Milch 19x6mm PA Enquiry
190002089 impeller neoprene for pump A PA Enquiry
190002064 impeller neoprene for pump type B PA Show Enquiry
172100058 ball valve three-way 1/2" PA Enquiry
172100057 magnetic valve PA Enquiry
172100083 temperature regulator type 0511 (from model year 2005) PA Show Enquiry
172100055 temperature regulator type 8400 (up to model year 2005) PA Enquiry