Straw Chopper KSTAS 11kW

Straw conditioner with hammer mill for uniform, completely enclosed structure with dust suppression. Resistant to foreign objects (stones, etc.). Variable grade output thanks to optional screens with different perforations.

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Straw Chopper KSTAS 11kW
Straw Chopper KSTAS 11kW
Straw Chopper KSTAS 11 kW
Straw Chopper KSTAS 11 kW


Straw chopper KSTAS
Technical data
Scope of supply screen with 22 mm perforation
Connection diameter for ejector ø 160 mm
Height ejector in 550 mm
Material painted steel
Weight 220 kg
Height 1 400 mm
Width 785 mm
Length 1 225 mm
Nominal rating 6 m³/h
Electrical protection 5 x 32 A
Connected load 400V 50Hz (3 phases)
Motor rating 11 (15) kW (PS)

Processable materials
This represents just an example, based on different materials and a selection of fruit processed in practice.

Options, accessories and spare parts
440300101 flexible spiral hose, abrasion-proof inside for connection to pipes KSTAS Enquiry
190014007 nozzles stack KSTAS Show Enquiry
251170024 cord cutter not toothed (2 pcs./KSTAS) Show Enquiry
251170014 cord cutter toothed (2 pcs./KSTAS) Enquiry
252170094 cutter comb fittings KSTAS Enquiry
252170074 crusher (1 set = 24 pcs.) KSTAS Show Enquiry
252171060 screen 60 mm perforation KSTAS Enquiry
252171050 screen 50 mm perforationKSTAS Enquiry
252171040 screen 40 mm perforation KSTAS Enquiry
252171030 screen 30 mm perforation KSTAS Enquiry
252171022 screen 22 mm perforation KSTAS Show Enquiry
252171020 screen 20 mm perforation KSTAS Enquiry
252171018 screen 18 mm perforation KSTAS Enquiry
252171015 screen 15 mm perforation KSTAS Enquiry
252171012 screen 12 mm perforation KSTAS Enquiry
252171010 screen 10 mm perforation KSTAS Enquiry
252171008 screen 8 mm perforation KSTAS Enquiry
252171005 screen 5 mm perforation KSTAS Enquiry