Washing machine WAR65 for single belt press

Washing system consisting of washing vessel, vertical auger-type elevator and add-on centrifugal mill RM5,5 for belt presses (except EBP350). The pivoting turret allows the upper section to be rotated through 90° to save space during operation and make cleaning easier.

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Washing and milling machine WAR65 for single belt press
Washing and milling machine WAR65 for single belt press
Washing and milling machine WAR65 for single belt press


Washing-/milling machine WA LC40 WAR65
Technical data
Scope of supply cutting screen 7 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm
Height mash outlet 1 730 / 1 510 mm
Connection for washing vessel 2
Connection for cleaning ½
Material 1.4301 / AISI 304
Weight 420 / 450 kg
Discharge height 800 mm
Height 2 700 mm
Width 870 mm
Length 1 750 mm
Electrical protection 16 A
Connected load 400V 50Hz (3 phases)
Motor rating Elevator 2,2 (3,0) mill 5,5 (7,5) kW (PS)
Nominal rating kg/h 6 000 kg/h

Processable materials
Apples, Pears, Quince, Beetroot, Carrots, Manioc, Vegetables.
This represents just an example, based on different materials and a selection of fruit processed in practice.

Options, accessories and spare parts
545100070 solenoid valve for the water supply WAR65 Enquiry
14622096 floor storage (divided) WAR65 Enquiry
880700100 membrane in fruit acid resistant version WAR65 Show Enquiry
145198013 membrane switch housing WAR65 Show Enquiry
160800039 connection cable 5 m WAR65 Enquiry
160800038 inductive proximity switch (initiator) WAR65 Enquiry
121000522 actuator WAR65 Show Enquiry
121000520 safety end switch WAR65 Show Enquiry
145171008 slotted hole cutting screen 127 x 15 mm (for onion) WAR65 Enquiry
145171004 cutting screen Ø16mm WAR65 Show Enquiry
145171003 cutting screen Ø12mm WAR65 Show Enquiry
145171002 cutting screen Ø9mm WAR65 Show Enquiry
145171001 cutting screen Ø7mm WAR65 Show Enquiry
10021709 sorting table WA LC/WAR, length: 1.470 mm Enquiry
10018179 magnetic water valve WAR65 Enquiry
195120000 bulk bin hopper WAR65 Enquiry
145191000 hopper 200 mm for bulk bin hopper WAR65 Enquiry
145121006 overflow pipe WAR65 Enquiry